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The Power of a Unified Slate!

Meet the Candidates!

Samuel Morales

Candidate for
APFA President

We can focus on the past or we can pave a new future. The choice is yours.

As you know, APFA is facing a fiscal crisis caused by the 22% pay raises union governance gave themselves using the imposed 2014 contract. APFA now owes American $1,154,565 for trip-removals, which the union can't afford to repay.

Gross overspending and sneaky pay raises for union governance have placed APFA on the brink of bankruptcy just as we enter negotiations. Ask yourself, how can APFA possibly negotiate with American when the union is grossly indebted to them?


My plan is to do exactly what I said I would do in the last two elections: CLEAN HOUSE!


  • Day one: fire Laura Glading's lawyers, consultants and advisors and bring in the new team.
  • Amend the constitution to give members greater rights protections. No more election scandals.
  • Open up transparency by making union meetings accessible online. No more secret meetings.
  • Cut the budget by eliminating wasteful spending. If it doesn't help the membership, get rid of it.
  • Reduce trip-removals for full-time reps from 110 hours back to 90. Why do they deserve a raise and we don't?
  • Review which departments deliver results and which don't. Eliminate those that can't deliver.
  • Survey the membership to see if they want line-bidding, PBS-bidding or improved PBS-bidding.
  • Tackle the "Optimizer" head on. Time is money. We want a quality of work-life that represents our hard work and dedication to American.
  • Address the pitiful 401k match. Why would any union offer to reduce 401k from 9.9% to 2.5% just before negotiations? That's insane!

There's more, but I'm limited to 250 words.

Take control of your union; take control of your future. The choice is yours.

In solidarity,

Samuel Morales
Candidate for APFA National President 2020


Morales - Salomon
LeBlanc - Johnson

The Power of a Unified Slate!

Rock Salomon

Candidate for
APFA Vice-President

APFA is a listing ship drifting toward a dangerous reef with no one at the helm capable of steering it to safety. If we don't find a captain soon, our ship is going to strike the reef and sink.

What we need to do is grab hold of the wheel, right the ship, and start heading toward safer waters. Only then can we chart a new course and train a new crew to sail our ship toward a brighter future.

As it stands, flight attendants are heading into negotiations with a union that is morally and financially bankrupt. If we thought the concessions of 2003, 2012 and 2014 were rough, just imagine facing a company carrying $34 billion in debt knowing that the union owes that very company $1.1 million for unpaid trip-removals because of fiscal irresponsibility and an imposed contract. How can a union possibly negotiate against an adversary whom they’re grossly indebted to?


Like Samuel Morales said during bankruptcy, "If we don't fight back now, soon we'll be too tired to fight at all." His words couldn't have held truer; everything worth fighting for – pensions, retiree health – were given away in exchange for the company’s “Optimizer.”

What members need now is someone who can right this ship, someone who can deliver a plan instead of union rhetoric, someone with unrelenting tenacity and unwavering commitment. That person is Samuel Morales.

The Morales Administration will be one of activism, not pacifism. Day one will finally see Laura Glading’s lawyers, consultants and advisors sent packing. The change you want is the change you’ll see in the first week, not the forth year.

We have a unified slate, a plan for a brighter future, and a team of proven professionals already on standby. The choice is now yours.

In solidarity,

Rock Salomon
Candidate for APFA National Vice-President 2020


Morales - Salomon
LeBlanc - Johnson

The Power of a Unified Slate!

Donald LeBlanc

Candidate for
APFA Secretary

I am wanting to be your APFA National Secretary because it will allow me to be a strong voice for my co-workers and help make sure all APFA Flight Attendants receive consistent, timely and accurate communication.

I'm the right person for this position because I bring an extensive and proven leadership skill-set obtained through 20-plus years of military service as well as being a small business owner, trainer and negotiator. I feel this will allow me to become a valuable asset to all APFA Flight Attendants. My skills, ethics and training will enable me to ensure our Union is responsive, accountable and available to every APFA member — not selected friends.

Our membership should be allowed to decide to affiliate with a well established national/international union federation, keeping our independence but with the support and backing of a strong international organization. This would allow APFA to provide real union health care for active, soon-to-retire/retired members, as well as professional negotiators for pending contract negotiations.

The APFA has been conducting business the same way for 30-plus years, being led by "career union officers," only to end up having an unenforceable contract, degraded work rules, and no benefits to the membership. We cannot continue down the same path utilizing the same strategies with the same people who gave away our flexibility and financial security.

"The Status-quo has to go" because together we will take our Union back and make it work for us!

In solidarity,

Donald LeBlanc
Candidate for APFA National Secretary 2020


Morales - Salomon
LeBlanc - Johnson

The Power of a Unified Slate!

RJ Johnson

Candidate for
APFA Treasurer

One year removed from the last election, I stated the following: "Fiscal responsibility is the key to any successful organization. It's the life-blood. When the blood flows the system is healthy." How prevalent and true those words resonate today.

Our Union is out of control and is in huge debt to the Company just as we enter negotiations. We are NOT here to provide lip service to our membership or pillow-talk to the company. We are going to be the real deal, and we want to fight back!

How do we plan to do this?

We start by:

  • Getting rid of those milking and bilking the system.
  • Getting rid of Glading's lawyers, advisors and consultants.
  • Compiling a list of much needed fiscal changes.
  • Being transparent like the last five administrations promised but neglected to deliver.
  • Walking the talk and being the "REAL DEAL."
  • Being honest and ethical and doing what you say you're going to do instead of balking on campaign promises simply to get elected.

Most I've spoken with feel betrayed by APFA and assume all hope is lost. They are hungry for positive change.

APFA is sinking quickly, our only option is to clean house and set the union on a new course with a new team of proven professionals.

We will NOT collude with executives - no more bedtime stories with management.

What we want; what we need:

  • Better retirement
  • Better wages
  • Better work rules
  • Better benefits
  • Better Reserve system
  • Better quality of work-life

We want a new contract built on top of strong contractual language that's easy to understand.

If you feel as we do, we need you on our team!

In solidarity,

Randy "RJ" Johnson
Candidate for APFA National Treasurer 2020


Morales - Salomon
LeBlanc - Johnson

The Power of a Unified Slate!

A little About Samuel Morales
Candidate for APFA National President

My family emigrated from Cuba. I grew up in California/Florida before moving to Texas to work for Muse Air. I'm the proud father of two kids — one with finance degree and the other attending the University of Texas (UT). My interests include travel (of course), antique cars, motorcycles, vinyl records and football.

With the kids during graduation.

Getting ready for boarding.

Focusing on the campaign!

A little About Rock Salomon
Candidate for APFA National Vice-President

I grew up in Maine and now live in New Hampshire. Yes, I eat lobster, but only twice a year — not everyday. I'm a computer geek and I work on labor-related campaigns and issues. I also do animation in the Hanna-Barbera style. Hobbies include antique cars, motorcycles, travel (of course) and music. I also collect concert t-shirts from the 1970s. Yes, I have Led Zeppelin!

Hiking in Phoenix with family.

My first touchdown in Cuba.

Getting photo-bombed by my goddaughter!

A little About Donald LeBlanc
Candidate for APFA National Secretary

I'm married and I live with my husband in Florida. I'm retired military with 20 years service to our country. I'm an organizational nut by nature, and when I'm not organizing I like to exercise, travel (of course) and work on volunteer projects.

Enjoying time with family.

Conducting a training lesson in the field.

Enjoying my flight travel benefits.

A little About Randy "RJ" Johnson
Candidate for APFA National Treasurer

I live in Charlotte, NC, and I'm from the US Airways branch of the airline. In my spare time I enjoy antique home restoration, travel (of course) and the pleasure of spending time with friends.

Good times with good people.

Working the galley.

Spoofing with the hotel staff.

The Issues

17 Years of "Working Together" has Destroyed APFA

The issues American's flight attendants face today are the direct result of 17 years of the "Working Together" relationship that was introduced by management in 2003. It was initially called "Active Engagement" and it was designed to "actively engage" American's labor unions in support of massive concessions (33%).

Unfortunately, flight attendants didn't quite buy into American's corporate rhetoric, and so they voted NO to the company's 2003 concessionary demands even though union leadership promoted the deal relentlessly. To solve the dilemma, the union ignored the memberships' NO vote and accepted the company's concessionary terms as a Side Letter of Agreement, one that didn't require membership ratification. That was the beginning of the end.

Now we have 17 years of accumulated problems resulting from two "imposed" contracts (2003, 2014) and a bankruptcy contract (2012) that was the result of collusion and nepotism. To add a little more insult, the company bestowed A5 travel on two outgoing presidents (payola) and offered jobs to two union officials (hush money). Needless to say, members have lost faith in the organization, and rightfully so.

Cleaning up the mess won't be easy, but it can be done. The real challenge is convincing the membership that the union is worth saving. We say it is!

The Solutions

Anyone Can Point Out the Problem, the Real Challenge is Fixing It!

As stated, the crux of APFA's problems stems from union leadership ignoring the memberships' Constitution. That's what opened Pandora's Box in 2003 allowing our contract to be gutted, and it's what allowed imposed contracts, A5 payoffs and job offers to become the norm at APFA.

That said, the Constitution needs to be rewritten making it a "binding" contract between members and the organization, not the nonbinding agreement that APFA leadership asserts it is. Once corrected, everything else will start to fall into place.

Next is the 2012 LBFO and 2014 JCBA. Those two contracts need to be challenged. We are NOT going into negotiations holding two contracts that were negotiated in secret with someone who didn't employ us. More importantly, why should we pay to clean up the mess Doug Parker created when he's the one reaping the benefits from defrauding the members?

Correcting these two issues will set APFA on a new course, a course with a brighter future.

The Plan

A Roadmap to a Brighter Future — the First 90 Days

First on the agenda will be to terminate the services of Laura Glading's lawyers, consultants and advisors. They're gone! Second will be to replace them with a new team of proven professionals specializing in law, strategy development/execution, public relations and finance.

Next will be to look at the legal options regarding challenging the two agreements Laura Glading negotiated with US Airways CEO Doug Parker (a non-employer). We want a contract that's based on good faith bargaining, not collusion, nepotism and job offers promised to union governance.

Fourth will be to outline what it is that members want for the future. In our opinion, it's pretty simply: members want better wages, better benefits, better work-rules, better retirement and better quality of work life. No need for a "survey," we already know what members want.

The close of the First 90 Days will be to present the membership with the roadmap that we will implement in an effort to aggressively tackle the memberships' most urgent concerns as well as 17 years worth of accumulated problems brought on by the union's unwillingness to adhere to its own Constitution. The union will once again be run as a true democracy.

About the Slate

Why a Slate Matters

If we've learned anything these past 17 years, that lesson has been the importance of having four national officers who share similar philosophies and ethics. Putting a hodgepodge of candidates in office just doesn't work. The last three administrations are proof of that.

That said, it's important to note that the Morales Administration is going to be quite different. Sam has surrounded himself with likeminded running-mates who plan to work collectively rather than individually to address the massive amount of issues facing the flight attendant workgroup.

Working collectively means just that. The best ideas always come from the hashing of ideas, not one person thinking that their idea is the only idea.

Under the Morales Administration, APFA is going to look different — a lot different.


— Negotiations
— Hard 40
— Reserve
— PBS 48/120

Union Operations

— Constitution Revision
— Ethical Standards
— Transparency
— Financial Accountability

Quality of Life

— Uniforms
— Fume Events
— F/A Emergency Relief


— Education
— Healthcare
— Union Plus

The Supporters

Where are the Supporters?

As much as we'd like to fill these pages with the names of supporters, we also know that doing so will further polarize the workgroup at a time when polarization is literally crippling the union.

Members should be given the opportunity to read the material, ask the questions and cast a vote. If you would like to be a supporter, then all we ask is that you share the website with those whom you feel may want to see what we have to offer.

The best support we could ask for is if members take the time to educate themselves on the issues and to educate others.

The story of how American's flight attendants were defrauded can be found at:

Contact the Crew

How Can We Help You?

A Little Q &A

You Ask Questions, We Offer Answers

A Little Q &A from 2018

You Asked Questions, We Offered Answers

Sam Acacio: Candidates running for all office. What are your stand on the uniforms? What are your views when someone shows up to work in Twin Hill. It's been 2 years now since the rollout? How do you process that some are affected by the uniforms and others not to the extent. How do you view those that show up in Twin Hill and don't appear to be affected to date.

Let's Clean House: The uniform issue is a decade in the making and should have been stopped by APFA when American decided that it was cheaper to have our uniforms made countries in that (1) ban labor unions and (2) exploit children in manufacturing. Now that we're about to have the new Land's End uniforms made overseas, the question you should be asking is whether they'll be any different?

I should note that the uniform issue was a BIG campaign issue in 2007 and again in 2012 when APFA was caught manufacturing APFA promotional products (pillows) in China for their PAXforPAX "Peace for Passengers" campaign in 2010.

Simply put, APFA was asking members to hand out union promotional products that they had made in a country that (1) doesn't allow labor unions and (2) still utilizes child labor in their manufacturing, in an effort to complain about a unionized job and the benefits that come along with being unionized.

The reason for the "Peace for Passengers" campaign was to complain about the $400 million in executive bonuses that were handed out to top execs after the APFA overturned the memberships' NO vote in 2003. They wanted passengers to feel sorry for us, but they didn't. The campaign was a disaster.

The point here is that a labor union has an obligation to support other labor unions. The idea that APFA would outsource the manufacturing of the promotional products to China and have them affixed with the union logo defies logic.

We believe that our "union" uniforms should be made in a "union" shop here in the USA, not in countries that still utilize child labor in their manufacturing. We campaigned on this issue in 2008 and 2012.

APFA's explanation of the "Peace for Passengers" campaign:

"Attendants passed out travel pillows stamped with the address for their Internet site, paxforpax(dot)com. The site, which is called 'Peace for Passengers,' makes a case for improving attendant wages and working conditions, and attempts to enlist passengers to send comments to the airline.

"Since the 2003 concessions, which kept American out of bankruptcy, many attendants have complained about longer work days and less rest time between flights, as well as no meals during long shifts. Because of wage cuts ,many work more hours each month to keep from falling behind.

"'It's become a much more difficult job,' [said Diana Dunn, a 21-year American flight attendant who is also an official with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, the union that represents American attendants.]"

Elizabeth Abreu Guerrero: Question for all candidates. How will you change or improve Reserve?

Let's Clean House: Sam Morales said it best: "The way to fix Reserve is to make it desirable. There's no reason why Reserve needs to be a punishment."

That said, there's many who would like to commute in, work hard, and go home. And if you give them an override (incentive) if they fulfill the month, many would opt for it. Junior people may even have trouble holding it. And the bonus paid would come from the savings delivered. It's a win-win!

Looking at Samuel Morales' 1998 Willingness to Serve Statement, which put him on APFA's Negotiating Team "Team 2000" (delivering us the best contract in APFA memorable history), it's amazing to see how accurate Mr. Morales was. And to think that he was Sidelined during bankruptcy because union governance (Leadership and the Board) didn't want to negotiate with OUR employer but rather someone who didn't employ us.

It is well known that F/A morale has been at an all time low after the 1993 strike. My wife and I who are both AA F/A's have found ourselves on reserve, like so many of us, with no end in sight. Our quality of work and pay has suffered tremendously. Everywhere I turned there were no solutions from the Company or Union and I heard it all. i.e. "quit if you don't like it", "you should have thought about having children before you accepted this job" and "transfer to New York".

I believe my 13 years as a line F/A and my educational background qualifies me for the position of domestic negotiator. I have seen, heard, and experienced the many injustices of reserve and scheduling. Moreover, I am not a union insider and bring a fresh approach to "the real issues" that are representative and substantive.

ISSUES of importance our T/A failed to address:

— Reserve as it stands MUST BE CHANGED!
— Good for the last 5 days of the month on availability will NOT work!
— 5:00 hr. average, LIKE THE PILOTS!
— Appendix-T should be IMPROVED, not tossed!
— Profit Sharing MUST stay!
— Full pay and credit for VMC!
— Pro-rated vacation, LIKE THE PILOTS!
— Full pay for standby duty!
— Real pay raise!
— Better retirement!
— Livable work rules & contract language!
— TEST initiatives MUST go!

In summation, we have many issues that need to be resolved and I am confident if elected, we can achieve these "GOALS".

Remember, it is WE, YOU, and I working TOGETHER, that form this Union!


Kelly Matthews: I am curious to know if any are passionate about getting our retiree medical back? When I look up retirement eligibility in JetNet I saw this sentence, "Management and Support Staff employees who separate with at least ten years of credited service and are at least 55 years old will have access to American's Pre-65 Medical Plan." Is it possible to demand we be given the same benefits? What are your thoughts?

Let's Clean House: One of the main reasons we filed the DOJ Complaint was because Laura Glading gave away our Retiree Health Benefits (and Pension Contributions) by negotiating with someone who did NOT employ us. She should have been negotiating with Tom Horton, not Doug Parker. Every decision Glading made was to help Doug protect his investors -- not us. That's why it's so important to remember who "endorsed" Laura Glading. Putting her teAAm back in there ins NOT the answer.

Jon Alman: There was an earlier question about Letters Of Agreement. What is your feeling about the so-called "Bassani Letter"?

Rock Salomon: It's not the "transfer" that raised so many eyebrows but rather the special treatment Ms. Bassani was afforded by the company/union in the wake of the massive givebacks APFA had offered up against the memberships' NO vote. While some will say Ms. Bassani was "helping fellow F/As to transfer." in truth Ms. Bassani was helping herself after being replaced as APFA Communications Coordinator by George Price (Liz Geiss' boss).

"'By ratifying this agreement, we will be giving up a great deal to try to keep our airline out of bankruptcy,' [Basssani] said. '[Overturning the memberships' NO vote] signals our willingness as employees of this airline to step up and do our part to save our company.'

"Although APFA's leaders had recommended approval, union officials also complained Wednesday that American representatives violated labor rules by passing out information and lobbying flight attendants to approve the concessions."

Cliff Jones: To all candidates, What do you feel is the main reason the moral among APFA members has declined!

Let's Clean House: "There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience."

15 years, 3 concessionary contracts, 2 overturned NO votes, 3 agreements reached by means of collusion, 2 contracts involving nepotism.

Is it "experience" or rather a "pAAinful experience?

Dale Dreyer: Candidates, what are thoughts on reaching out and communicating to the other unions on property?

We tried to get the three labor unions to work together during bankruptcy by they were all hell-bent on total capitulation. I recommend watching the video.

Cristina Delafuente: What about our jumpseat exception from weight & balance?

We used to be excluded from the weight & balance as jumpseaters so we could never be bumped off.

The Company took that away from us.

Any candidate think its important enough to negotiate it back?

Rock Salomon: The question would best be addressed by the two candidates involved in the Settlement:

"The ultimate victory would have been to restore the jumpseat weight and balance provision. However, such restoration was not possible, since the only issue before the arbitrator was the timing of when the weight and balance provision would be eliminated.

"Roger Holmin
"Kim Kaswinkel
"Nena Martin
"Glenda Talley"

Connie Germond McCord: So candidates, What say you?

How about we see how much more the $$ it's going to cost the membership for furnished Apartments (utilities included) for all the new Officers and Dept. Chairs that don't live in DFW. I'll tell you it's impossible to be an effective Officer for the membership while maintaining a home/personal life if you commute. Especially from the West Coast or any coast.

It cost on average $1800-$2000 p/month plus furnishings "per" apartment. All Officers live in DFW now. That's an additional $48,000 per apartment for two yrs.
I'll edit since I can't respond to the candidates.

This was brought up in Clt when the budget was proposed for approval that only 2 apts are currently being used.

So all of you candidates are you going to move to dfw ? Or are you going to commute and cost the members more money because you didn't want to move to dfw? It's a 24/7 operation and the Apfa executive board should be available 24/7 too.

What will you be doing if elected?

Let's Clean House: I never understood why the union "rented" the apartments rather than just pay for them. Most companies pay an allowence and the employee/consultant uses the allowance and offers receipts for reimbursement. This limits liability (and cost) on the part of the company while giving the employee/consultant personal options to accommodate the stay.

For this term, it's best just to go with what's there. There's a war to fight and little time for setup.

Niko Gutierrez: Why do we still employ the lawyers that have , for lack of a better word or an explicit one, underperformed at crucial times and what do you plan to do about it?

Lets Clean House: "To be clear, if elected the first item on the agenda will be to fire the attorneys, consultants and advisors who stood behind the collusion and nepotism that defrauded us during the bankruptcy/merger and then had the audacity to deliver us a ZERO-SUM contract in 2014 like somehow we wouldn't notice. Yep! You're Fired!

"Next up will be to replace those attorneys-consultants-advisors with a new team of professionals who are going to help us "solve" some of the staggering problems facing the APFA membership in the wake of that aforesaid collusion and nepotism. " - Samuel Morales, Candidate for APFA National President

Amber De Roxtra: Hello. IF elected, what would be your top 3 priorities to address/tackle once in office?

Let's Clean House: (1) FIRE FIRE FIRE Glading's attorneys, consultants and advisors and replace them with a new team of professionals. (2) Work with the newly retained professionals and the APFA Board of Directors to put in place an organizational strategy that will place APFA on "offense" rather than "defense." (3) Set the strategy in motion by using the many other issues (uniforms, HARD 40, imposed contract, stolen retirement benefits, etc,. etc.) to place pressure on American's Board of Directors, which will then place pressure on American's executives.

There's lots more, but you only asked for "top 3."

Patt Bruns: If elected Rock, how will you strategize against this Union buster! What does the first day look like?

Let's Clean House: The VP doesn't hire the "strategist," Patt Bruns, or handle the "strategy." That's the president's department, which is why a SLATE is so important.

That said, as a former presidential candidate I tried to bring Liz Geiss, Laura Glading and myself together during the bankruptcy election. I thought if we all came together that we could fight back during bankruptcy. In the end, Liz didn't want my support (which led to her loss) and Laura was only interested in helping Doug Parker and Scott Kirby merge the airlines. Protecting OUR careers wasn't part of the equation.

An excerpt from my Proposal to Liz, Laura and the APFA Board:

"If the Liz Geiss slate wins, Laura Glading will remain on the job and be involved in every aspect of the bankruptcy proceedings, Her running mates will also remain to assist her or the union in other ways whether they be assigned to work with the LA/CCI team, lawyers representing the APFA, or in some other capacity.

"If Laura Glading wins, Liz Geiss and her running mates will continue to work full time in some capacity to increase and coordinate membership involvement in every aspect of strengthening our union, advocating for our members, and building our union contract.

"Ultimately the best option for the membership as a whole would be if one slate bowed out based on the ideas outlined in this proposal. In doing so we can begin the process of preparing our union for the fight ahead thus making our union more unified and stronger than ever.

"In closure, we strongly urge the APFA Board of Directors to consider this proposal and convince their respective parties to do the same."

Elizabeth Louise: Candidates: so you feel the concern of the LUS flight attendants that we feel totally unrepresented by our Union? How do you plan to see that our voices are heard?

Let's Clean House: There's only 2 slates in the election (Bassani, Morales) and only 1 slate has LUS represented in the lineup (Morales). What makes this lineup work is that all four candidates share the same philosophy. In other words, we're not 2 philosophies merged together to garner votes.

The merged philosophy strategy delivered us the 2003 Restrucuring Agreement, and as you know that agreement gutted LAA's 1998 Agreement (aka 2001 Contract) by 33% against the members' NO vote.

Sandi Gee-Baldonado: I will ask this question - what good does a presidential grievance do after AA imposes what they want that continually violates the JCBA? How do you stop AA from imposing violations in the first place?

Let's Clean House: The question I always ask is: How can you grieve the terms of a contract that was (1) the product of collusion and (2) forced upon members against their NO vote? You can't. The contract is worthless, which is why it needs to be challenged in its whole rather than in part.

Nena Scott: My question to the Candidates..are you in favor of this bill? And what are you willing to do to further advocate for 10 Hrs behind the door as well as the Fatigue Risk Management Plan that is the same as the Pilots?

Yes, for clarity, I've reposted information from the AFA site. As they have been advocating for this.

"Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) funding and policies will be extended to October 1, 2018, under a broad spending bill expected to become law on Friday to keep the government open. The FAA's authorization has been extended temporarily for months at a time since last year. This short-term extension gives Congress through September to draft and pass a long-term FAA policy bill.

The House and Senate bills will be rewritten over the next few months into a four year FAA Bill. The 10 hours minimum rest as well as a Fatigue Risk Management Plan will be in the final version of the long-term bill as long as we continue to hold lawmakers accountable with our action."

Let's Clean House: You and 15 others manage the membership and posts for AA-Ask the Candidates!

The problem with rest is that the government NEVER imagined that a labor union would forfeit contractual rest and opt for the governmental minimum as APFA did in 2003. That was unthinkable. The 8 hour rule was simply in event that there were extenuating circumstances that resulted in reduced rest. Prior to 2003 a flight attendant might see minimum rest once a year for one night -- not an entire bid sheet dedicated to fatigue as APFA leadership agreed to against the members NO vote.

DeMetrius Burrell: On a daily basis the membership goes to the Official AA Facebook to seek guidance on contractual and legality issues that should be addressed to and answered by the union. The union Facebook page was shut down in favor of a "live chat" function. I always believed that if one person has a question 100 have the same question. Communication between the union is lackluster at. best and always seems to be a "cut and paste" of company email. What are the candidates plan to insure communications between the union and membership is improved and membership have access to officers to support them with contractual issues and social media engagement.

Let's Clean House: If memory serves me the APFA Facebook "page" is still live and the APFA "Q&A" group was closed because of membership dissent. Rather than addressing membership concerns, the APFA decided that stifling members was easier. The group was a battleground for those who supported Glading's collusive agreements and those who didn't.

DeMetrius Burrell: I would like to repost this question to Rock Salomon since you really didn't answer the question regarding what you plan is. You only mentioned collusion contract. My question is specific.

On a daily basis the membership goes to the Official AA Facebook to seek guidance on contractual and legality issues that should be addressed to and answered by the union. The union Facebook page was shut down in favor of a "live chat" function. I always believed that if one person has a question 100 have the same question. Communication between the union is lackluster at. best and always seems to be a "cut and paste" of company email. What are the candidates plan to insure communications between the union and membership is improved and membership have access to officers to support them with contractual issues and social media engagement.

Rock Salomon: Obviously, I understand communications; my Facebook page has 52,332 likes. But the VP isn't in charge of communications; the Communications Director is appointed by the President and overseen by the Secretary.

While I plan to play an active role in communications (if elected), it's not the VP's primary function. That's why a slate is so important -- you need a President and Secretary with the same views on progress.

I will agree though, communications have been nothing short of lackluster given that we've endured three concessionary contracts in 15 years while facing reports of unprecedented profits from management.

One thing Samuel Morales Donald LeBlanc, Randy "RJ" Johnson and myself agree upon is that the officers can't disappear after being elected. That's not what "transparency" means. Once elected, your name doesn't change to "Casper" like we've seen in the past.

From the APFA Constitution:

"The National President shall nominate, and the Executive Committee shall confirm or reject, individual active members in good standing to serve as National Chairs.

"The National Secretary shall establish and maintain lines of communication between members of the Executive Committee, Base Representatives and all administrative departments and committees. "

Stephanie Bogert Steinruck: Are any of you willing to hire professional contract negotiators instead of electing flight attendants to do this and the elected flight attendants could consult with the professional contract negotiators?

Rock Salomon: I don't believe we need "professional negotiators" as much as we need lawyers who can write a contract that doesn't look like Swiss Cheese. Case and point:

I once had an issue with a miss-trip because I didn't call scheduling. When in read contract, the contract states I "shall" call scheduling, but it didn't say I "should" or that I "must." When I asked APFA about the language they told me that it's commonly agreed by the company and union that "should", "shall" and "must" all mean the same thing -- "must." When asked why they just didn't use "must," the answer was there was no answer.

If we're gong to be dealing with Jerry Glass then we need a strategist who understands how Jerry Glass thinks. That's why Samuel Morales wants this guy (Ray) handling strategy for us.

Susan Lovett: Are any of the candidates going to seek having our pensions unfrozen with these record profits we are making? We should have a retirement waiting for us in the end!

Let's Clean House: That was the whole point of asking the DOJ to look at our case: our pensions were frozen under the guise of necessity when in reality it was collusion and nepotism that froze them. Rest assured, if Samuel Morales and I are elected we'll be looking to thaw those pensions.